Street Sweeping

Keep streets, construction sites and parking lots remaining clean and attractive with Cillessen & Sons street sweeping services in Wichita.

Dirt, sand and other waste can gradually build up in gutters and cause issues with flooding and backup. Gutters and drain systems will flow more efficiently when they aren’t clogged with trash and debris from the road. Litter in road gutters and at construction sites will block storm drains and runoff pathways. Utilizing our street cleaning services keeps these areas clear, allowing water to drain faster and more completely.

Our street sweeping services are great for post-construction projects, after large outdoor events and large parking lots.

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Street sweeping

Street cleaning services

Why Street Sweeping?

Street sweeping should be thought of as preventative maintenance. It keeps our environment safe, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing.  Street cleaning also assists with water quality, reducing the amount of waste and toxins that can potentially pollute storm drains, and eventually our drinking water.

Removal of street debris also lessens the likelihood of accidents, allowing drivers and pedestrians to accurately see the curbs and street edges so they can travel safely.

Items in the road can cause damage to passing vehicles. The most common problem is damage to a vehicles paint due to abrasion from leftover construction material.

Major construction projects can leave lots of dirt, dust and unwanted debris behind. Our heavy-duty street sweepers will clean up roadways and street gutters quickly! No matter the size of the job, a clean area makes a positive first impression.

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