Airfield Traffic Control

Cillessen & Sons provides the equipment and workforce to implement full-service airfield traffic control for private, commercial, and military airfields in Wichita and the entire state of Kansas. We offer safe and efficient traffic control for airfield construction, as well as pavement marking and signing to maintain airfield safety and organization.

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Pilots must be able to determine how to get safely from the gate to the runway, and from the landing strip to the terminal. They may be familiar with the airfield they are using, but they may also be navigating it for the first time.

Construction on airfields and airports can create hazardous situations. Previously available runways, taxiways, and gates may need to be temporarily closed. Inadequate or inaccurate traffic control during construction creates dangerous situations on the airfield for pilots, passengers, and those who work on site.

Airfield traffic control from Cillessen & Sons provides appropriate indicators to direct aircraft along the right routes, to keep them out of temporary construction zones, and to ensure pilots always know where to go.

We accomplish this through the use of:

  • Pavement marking
  • Signing
  • Barriers
  • Lighted runway closures

We supply and install these means of airfield traffic control in order to deliver information and support to pilots, avoid collisions, and streamline and expedite traffic flow.

Airfield marking service

Airfield Pavement Marking & Removal

Cillessen & Sons provides airfield marking and removal services for military airfields, as well as national and private airports. To learn more about how we help keep airfields safe and efficient, visit Airfield Pavement Marking & Removal.

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