Smart Work Zone Systems

Innovative Signing, Superior Safety

Cillessen & Sons offers state-of-the-art smart work zone systems to Wichita and the Kansas area. This computerized smart signing technology provides connected, automated, real-time traffic information to passing motorists. We set up and maintain these systems, creating a safer environment for drivers and road construction workers alike.

Smart work zone systems use advanced technology to prevent back-ups and accidents before they begin. Portable sensors placed at strategic points along the road detect volume and speed of current traffic patterns. Based on that data, the system then displays appropriate messages on digital signs.

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Smart Work Zone Systems Automate Alerts

Smart Work Zones inform motorists about situations such as upcoming:

  • Road construction
  • Traffic speeds
  • Congestion
  • Estimated times of arrival
  • Lane closures
  • Accidents
  • Detours

Traditional road construction signs can do some of these things to direct traffic, but they are limited. They cannot provide more than one piece of information, nor can they detect current traffic patterns and adjust their own messages to match. Drivers may find themselves suddenly faced with unexpected traffic congestion without sufficient time to brake, or without any idea how long it will last.

Smart work zone systems update displayed information every 30 seconds. This live synchronization across large areas means passing travelers have the most accurate information possible about the road ahead. With this knowledge, drivers can make informed decisions about their routes, and can change their course to avoid road construction and congested areas. They also have sufficient time to slow down when approaching a work zone, which reduces the potential for collisions and keeps traffic moving freely.

Utilizing technology to inform drivers as thoroughly as possible keeps work zones safer. Less passing traffic around road construction means less interference with the work underway and reduced risk for accidents and injuries.

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