Surface Grinding & Grooving

Perform grinding, grooving and rumble stripping faster and safer

Cillessen and Sons is excited to introduce our new technology, the GrinderHog by Hog Technologies. As a complement to our water blasters, this machine has the capability to perform pavement marking removal as well as surface grinding, grooving, and rumble stripping. It can also remove embedded objects such as reflectors, leaving no binders or resins behind.

Benefits Include:

  • Grinding capabilities on both sides of truck
  • Ability to perform grinding with a single operator
  • Skip line control for on-the-fly adjustment of grinding patterns
  • Simultaneous vacuum recovery system
  • Computer-Controlled Profiling (CCP) for grinding, grooving, sinusoidal rumble strips and plunge cuts
  • Precision depth control

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pavement grinding

Watch the GrinderHog in action, see additional photos, and learn more about our capabilities below.

Safer, Faster and More Precise Surface Grinding

This machine is an asset to any surface grinding project, and can precisely excise portions of pavement with ease. Not only is this machine safer than traditional grinding using a pushcart, the Grinder Hog can operate up to 8 miles per hour.  With a width of 20 inches per head, this truck can remove pavement faster than virtually any other equipment on the market in just one pass. Additionally, due to its computer controls, our operators can perform grinding with the precision on the scale of centimeters.

Cleaner Removal Process

As if the speed, precision, and safety weren’t strong enough attributes, our GrinderHog will leave projects cleaner than other methods of removal. The vacuum technology uses sonic pulses and self-cleaning filters to collect as much dust as possible during the construction process. All waste can be appropriately disposed of in most dumpsters using the truck’s heavy duty high dump technology.

Pavement grinding

Sinusoidal Grooving

We’re excited to be working with the Kansas Department of Transportation using this machine to help them on some of their first sinusoidal rumble strip projects. This is a unique process by which grooves are installed using a sinusoidal pattern with many benefits.

These sinusoidal rumble strips will:

  • Expand the life of the road with more precise removal
  • Reduce wear on vehicles while still alerting drivers
  • Extend the life of pavement marking within the grooves
  • Reduce external noise from vehicles compared to traditional rumble strip methods

As part of our commitment to make the traveling public as safe as possible, new technologies like the GrinderHog are helping to drive the changes necessary to reduce roadway accidents and deaths while at the same time offering a cost and time savings to our customers.