Federal, State & Municipal Projects

Interstate, Highway and Roadway Traffic Control Solutions

Cillessen & Sons is the leading provider of traffic control systems and pavement marking services for federal, state, and municipal highway and road construction projects in Kansas and the surrounding states.

We work directly with local governments to complete everything from heavy interstate construction on brand new freeway interchanges and overpass construction to repaving and pavement marking and removal.

We have the services, expert workforce, and cutting-edge equipment necessary to successfully assist with the completion of road construction jobs of any size.

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Services Offered

Cillessen & Sons provides many essential services needed for federal, state, and municipal projects.

  • Traffic Control: From labor and equipment to installation and removal, our full-service traffic management team keeps streets and highways safe so construction can continue with minimal interruption.
  • Traffic Control Plan Design: Our on-staff experts assess projects and develop comprehensive traffic control designs tailored to clients’ specific requirements.
  • Pavement Marking and Removal: Cillessen & Sons provides equipment and staff to put down permanent and temporary road marking, as well as to remove marking material.
  • Flagging: Our flaggers guide drivers safely through road construction and accident sites.
  • Smart Work Zone Technology: These computerized signing systems provide connected, automated, real-time traffic information to drivers. We set up and maintain these systems.
  • Permanent Signing: We provide and install permanent signing for streets, roads, and highways.
  • Daily Rentals: We offer short-term rental of traffic control equipment.

Why Cillessen & Sons?

  • Cillessen & Sons has been contracted for government-funded projects since 2000.
  • We have completed over 1,000 jobs, including multi-year, multi-million dollar projects.
  • We have an expert staff of 40+ field employees on 9-10 large crews for high-volume highway construction jobs.
  • We are a preferred contractor in Kansas because of our high reputation for quality work and consistency in meeting deadlines and budgets.

Our clients include the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Cities of Wichita, Lawrence, and Salina.

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If you are ready to work with Kansas’ leading partner for local and state government projects, contact us today by calling 316-682-2400, or request a bid online.