Are you in need of sandbags? No time to make them yourself? Let us do the job! Cillessen & Sons has the capabilities to make large quantities of sandbags in Wichita, KS.

You may need hundreds or thousands of sandbags for your project. From erosion control and flood protection to use on construction sites, no quantity is too large or small.

Our bags of sand are made using high-quality and durable tubes. These rugged tubes of sand are great for construction, including highway barricades, holding down tarps, soil stabilization or controlling water runoff.

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Save Time Making Sandbags

Cillessen & Sons makes production easy. We reduce time and labor by producing them for you. We are capable of producing up to 1,000 sandbags per hour. Whether you need sandbags for disaster response, emergency preparedness, road construction, erosion control, or fortification, we can help!

When time is a factor, our machinery is your solution. With conventional methods, many workers are needed to fill, tie and palletize tubes of sand. Then lots of heavy machinery are needed to transport and unload the bags. Much of the same equipment would be needed on the opposite end to unload and position them. In an emergency situation, time is precious. Our machinery can fill 1,000 tubes of sand in just one hour.

Sandbags are available today for sale. We have a minimum of 1,000 sand bags in stock at any one point. Contact us today for details.

Be Prepared

You can be prepared ahead of time for any sort of flooding or have sandbags on hand to use for weighing things down. The more property that is protected will help to drastically reduce cleanup costs. Our machinery can be part of your solution.

Customers & Industries We Serve

  • Road & Highway Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Land Developers
  • Agriculture
  • Local, Regional and National Government Agencies
  • And more

We deliver sandbags to your job site, contact us today for details.

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