Daily Rentals

Traffic Control Systems, Signing, Arrow Boards & More

Cillessen & Sons offers daily rentals of traffic control equipment to clients in Kansas and the surrounding states. Our extensive, on-hand inventory can meet the requirements of projects of all types and sizes, and help keep project areas safer and more ordered.

All types of equipment can be rented based on each project’s unique needs and can be contracted for the project’s individual length, whether it is for a day, a week, six months, or longer.

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Road closed barricade
Arrow board

Equipment ready and available for daily rental from Cillessen & Sons includes:

  • Signing
  • Arrow boards
  • Sign stands
  • Cones
  • Low-profile barricades
  • Barricades

Road Construction

Road construction can create unsafe situations. Drivers need to be made aware of unexpected upcoming road workers, closures, or merging traffic. Rented traffic control equipment from Cillessen & Sons directs drivers through road and lane closures and around construction equipment and work zones with greater safety.

Festivals & Events

Outdoor events like parades, marathons, concerts, and fairs often require road closures or detours so festivities can proceed safely and as planned. Cillessen & Sons can provide all the equipment necessary to guide drivers around designated event areas to help safeguard participants and drivers alike.

Airports & Airfields

Construction on airfields and airports can create hazardous conditions. Previously available runways, taxiways, and gates may need to be closed. Inadequate traffic control equipment during construction creates dangerous situations on the airfield for pilots, passengers, and those who work on site. Cillessen & Sons’ daily rentals can help prevent disorganization and keep those navigating airfield construction safer.

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