Cillessen & Sons offers the personnel and equipment for flagging traffic in Wichita and the entire state of Kansas.

Traditional signs are helpful in directing traffic, but signs can’t think or assess a quickly changing situation. Flagging from Cillessen & Sons combines the benefits of accurate signing with a flagger’s experience and ability to know when and how to act. Our flaggers guide cars through roadways made crowded by construction and accidents more safely than traditional signing alone.

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Road Construction Flagging

Street construction often includes temporary or long-term road closures. Streets and exits may be partly or totally obstructed. Construction can also create circumstances in which road workers must perform their tasks close to traffic passing at high speeds. All of these can be dangerous situations with greater risks of accident and injury to drivers and road workers alike.

The sight of a flagger alerts drivers to upcoming road construction and gives them time to slow down. This extra time can prevent drivers from having to brake too quickly, and so can help prevent rear-end collisions. Cars traveling at slower speeds are also less dangerous to road workers.

Flaggers also work to prevent traffic congestion. For example, in a situation where only one lane is open for two-way traffic, a flagger makes sure cars from both directions have a chance to pass, taking turns, so neither side gets too backed up. With this Cillessen & Sons service, road construction can proceed safely on schedule with minimum impact to traffic flow.

Emergency Flagging
Cillessen & Sons’ Kansas-area flaggers provide efficient setup and dependable traffic control. Our first priority is safety for victims of the accident, first responders, emergency medical crew, and other drivers navigating the road. Flagging can prevent secondary collisions, keep traffic moving, and allow time and space for medical treatment, accident cleanup, and vehicle removal.