Permanent Signing

Cillessen & Sons provides and installs permanent signing for streets, roads, and highways in Kansas and the surrounding states. We create a broad range of custom signs designed to meet regulatory requirements and to simplify potentially complex roadways by informing drivers with clarity and precision.

Unmarked or poorly marked roads leave drivers unaware of what’s coming next, like unexpected speed limit changes, intersections, curves, or merging roads. This unawareness creates traffic hazards and increases the likelihood of accident and injury. After a construction project is completed, new roads that are marked and ready for use also need signs so drivers can navigate them safely. Inaccurate or worn signing needs to be replaced.

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Permanent signing
Permanent signing

Cillessen & Sons creates superior permanent signing, custom made based on the needs of each project. We supply a wide variety of road signs, including:

  • Regulatory signs
  • Guide signs
  • Warning signs
  • Pedestrian and bicycle signs
  • Motorist services and recreation signs

Once we have produced the signs, our large and experienced work crews transport and install them on site. Permanent signing from Cillessen & Sons helps secure old and new roadways alike by informing drivers about what to expect. Drivers who know what is coming ahead can make better decisions, which helps to keep highways and roads safer.

Temporary Signing

Cillessen & Sons also provides temporary signing for traffic control in long- and short-term road and highway construction, including smart work zone systems.

For more information, visit the Traffic Control, Smart Work Zone Systems, or Daily Rentals pages.

Temporary signing

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To request a bid for dependable, long-lasting permanent signing, contact Cillessen & Sons today at 316-682-2400 or request a bid online.