Traffic Control Services Newkirk, OK

Turnkey traffic control systems in Newkirk, OK

Cillessen & Sons provides turnkey traffic control in Newkirk, OK. Our services include everything you need to keep highways and streets safe during construction projects, including equipment installation and full-service traffic control. We partner with road construction companies and contractors on local, county and state-funded projects throughout Oklahoma and Kansas.

Road traffic control services Newkirk, OK

We can provide a custom solution to keep traffic moving with minimal disruptions while helping workers stay safe. Cillessen & Sons is experienced with traffic control for all types of road construction jobs. We provide the expertise and essential equipment for establishing and maintaining safe road construction sites. We can even supply and manage the personnel required to install, operate, maintain and/or remove these resources. Whether you’re planning a street repaving job or major construction on a heavy traveled interstate highway, we can help with:

Public Events: We can provide signage and barricades for directing traffic and managing crowd control for festivals, races, concerts and other public gatherings.

Airfield traffic control services Newkirk, OK

Cillessen & Sons provides full-service airfield traffic control near Newkirk, OK, for military, commercial and private airfields. We offer pavement marking and signage for maintaining safety and organization for both air and ground traffic, as well as safe and efficient traffic control for airstrip repairs and construction. We have a full range of airfield traffic control equipment and services, including:

  • Airfield pavement marking
  • Airfield pavement marking removal
  • Temporary and permanent signing
  • Airfield barriers
  • Lighted runway closures

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Count on the professionals at Cillessen & Sons, Inc. for a reliable traffic control solution for your airfield or road construction job. We have the engineering, expertise and equipment you need to keep traffic safe during airfield improvements, highway construction and large public events. Contact us today with your project and get a free quote.

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traffic control services newkirk ok