Traffic Count Survey Services

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Cillessen & Sons, Inc provides impartial traffic count services in Wichita and all of Kansas. We work with organizations that need analytical data to understand understand traffic flow for major highways, busy intersections as well as townships.

Our turnkey solution for traffic counts provides our customers with unbiased data and professional recommendations. These are key factors necessary to make informed decisions to plan for future roads and road maintenance.

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Traffic Count Equipment

Cillessen uses non-intrusive radar sensing devices to allow for quick and safe set up at traffic count locations. This allows crews to minimize their impact on traffic during installation and more efficiently move from site to site for multiple locations.

Smart work zone systems

Large Traffic Sensing Devices

Trailer mounted sensors are placed above the road and can detect up to 16 lanes of traffic at one time. These devices are used on Cillessen’s state-of-the-art smart work zone systems. This computerized smart signing technology provides connected, automated, real-time traffic information to passing motorists. Cillessen sets up and maintains these systems, creating a safer environment for drivers and road construction workers alike.

Smart work zone systems use advanced technology to prevent back-ups and accidents before they begin. Portable sensors placed at strategic points along the road detect volume and speed of current traffic patterns. Based on that data, the system then displays appropriate messages on digital signs.

Small Traffic Sensing Devices

These sensors attach to existing features near roadways and are better suited in lower volume, rural environments. They are more discrete than other sensing devices, which can help prevent outside parties tampering with the device and skewing the data being obtained.

The sensors can accurately collect traffic data without placing any sensors in the road and have the ability to detect the specific lane a vehicle is traveling in. This allows the sensor to record not only two lanes of bidirectional traffic, but two lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction.

The convenient size of these sensors make them easy to transport and allow Cillessen to perform multiple installations in one trip. This allows for a quicker, more cost-efficient traffic counting program.

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Traffic Count Methodology

For each mile of road to be counted, sensors will be placed in strategic locations to collect traffic data produced by any nearby traffic generators. We also collect traffic data at each intersection involved in the project.

It is Cillessen’s recommendation that each location be analyzed for a period of time deemed appropriate by the specifics of your project. This could be anywhere from 3 days up to a week (or longer). This time frame produces a large sample of data for traffic engineers to analyze, identify anomalies, and calculate an accurate representation of the average traffic volumes.

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Traffic Count Deliverables

Analysis and Reporting
For each site assessed, Cillessen & Sons, inc. will download the sensor information collected, process and analyze the data, apply necessary adjustment factors, and normalize the data into the calculated Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes.

Presentation of Findings
Cillessen will create an Excel-compatible table of every individual vehicle’s data in the study and provide professional-quality, comprehensive reports for each traffic count location. From these reports, Cillessen will also create a map of the area depicting the calculated AADT from each location analyzed. We will provide professional verification that the traffic count data collected can be considered valid for 3 years barring any substantial changes in traffic generators along the route.

Turnkey Solutions for Traffic Count Surveys

Cillessen & Sons, Inc. is your #1 choice in Kansas for traffic counting. We deliver, install, and calibrate each sensor to accurately collect data for traffic traveling in each direction.

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